Our Services

Real Estate Law

Our firm offers complete real estate services, including title services for the state of Ohio through the Ohio Bar Title Insurance Company.

Estate Planning

We have expertise in the laws, procedures and practices associated with planning a client's estate in the event that the client becomes incapacitated and for when a client is deceased.



We manage the administration and distribution of a client's estate, as directed by the client.


Elder Law

We have expertise in the laws, statutes, regulations and decisions that deal with the needs and issues specific to our community's Senior Citizens.

Corporate and Business Law

We handle the formation and operations of corporations. For our business clients, we handle contracts, mergers, leases, among others.


Traffic and Misdemeanors

We handle a variety of cases involving traffic violations, including running a red light, speeding, DUI, DWI, among others.


Domestic Relations

We have experience working cases involving divorce, domestic abuse, child support and custody, adoption, to name a few.

Oil, Gas and Mineral Law

Our firm covers a broad range of services dealing with royalties, leasing of land, drilling and safety regulations.